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All different  Matlab domain project are listed here:

1 Lifetime and Energy Hole Evolution Analysis in Data-Gather ing Wireless Sensor Networks Wireless Communication
2 Hybrid Modulation Scheme for a High-Frequency AC-Link Inverter Power Electronics
3 A Capacitor Voltage-Balancing Method for Nested Neutral Point Clamped (NNPC) Inverter Power Electronics
4 Design and Development of an Efficient Multilevel DC/AC Traction Inverter for Railway Power Electronics
5 Modeling and Analysis of Class EF and Class E/F Inverters With Series-Tuned Resonant Networks Power Electronics
6 Dynamic Cluster Head Selection Method for Wireless Sensor Network Wireless Communication
7 Texture Classification Using Dense Micro-Block Difference Digital Image Processing
8 Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Convolutional Neural Networks in MRI Images Digital Image Processing
9 Robust Texture Image Representation by Scale Selective Local Binary Patterns Digital Image Processing
10 Three-Level PWM Floating H-Bridge Sinewave power Inverter for High-Voltage and High-Efficiency Applications Power Electronics
11 Delay-Dependent Stability Control for Power System With Multiple Time-Delays Power system
12 An Efficient SVD-Based Method for Image Denoising Digital Image Processing
13 Unsupervised SAR Image Change Detection Based on SIFT Keypoints and Region Information Digital Image Processing
14 A Micro-GA Embedded PSO Feature SelectionApproach to Intelligent Facial Emotion Recognition Digital Image Processing
15 Unsupervised Deep Learning Applied to Breast Density Segmentation and Mammographic Risk Scoring Digital Image Processing
16 Segmenting Retinal Blood Vessels with Deep Neural Networks Digital Image Processing
17 An Empirical Study for PCA- and LDA-Based Feature Reduction for Gas Identification Wireless Communication
18 Analyzing the Effect of JPEG Compression on Local Variance of Image Intensity Digital Image Processing
19 Amplify-and-Forward Relay Sharing for Both Primary and Cognitive Users Wireless Communication
20 Design and Implementation of a Novel Multilevel DC–AC Inverter Power Electronics
21 High Performance Personalized Heartbeat Classification Model for Long-Term ECG Signal Signal Processing
22 Fast Appearance Modeling for Automatic Primary Video Object Segmentation Digital Image Processing
23 On the Permanence of EEG Signals for Biometric Recognition Signal Processing
24 A New Cascaded Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverter Based on Improved Series–Parallel Conversion With Less Number of Components Power Electronics
25 Analysis and Design of Modified Half-Bridge Series-Resonant Inverter With DC-Link Neutral-Point-Clamped Cell Power Electronics
26 Spectrum Sensing Performance in Cognitive Radio Networks With Multiple Primary Users Wireless Communication
27 Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images y Reversible Image Transformation Digital Image Processing
28 Self-Deployment Of Mobile Sensors To Achieve Target Coverage In The Presence Of Obstacles Wireless Communication
29 Energy-Efficient Infrastructure Sensor Network for Ad Hoc Cognitive Radio Network Wirelesss Sensor Network
30 A Novel Zero-Voltage-Switching Push–Pull High-Frequency-Link Single-Phase Inverter Power Electronics
31 Brain Metastases Detection Methods in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Digital Image Processing
32 Two-Way OFDM-Based Nonlinear Amplify-and-Forward Relay Systems Wireless Communication
33 Robust Cell Detection of Histopathological Brain Tumor Images Using Sparse Reconstruction and Adaptive Dictionary Selection Digital Image Processing
34 A Novel Approach to Segment Skin Lesions in Dermoscopic Images Based on a Deformable Model Digital Image Processing
35 Combining Generative and Discriminative Representation Learning for Lung CT Analysis with Convolutional Restricted Boltzmann Machines Digital Image Processing
36 A Novel Three-Phase Current Source Rectifier With Delta-Type Input Connection to Reduce the Device Conduction Loss Power Electronics
37 Reliability Evaluation of Large Scale Battery Energy Storage Systems Power System
38 Economic dispatch of power systems with virtual power plant based interval optimization method Power System
39 DBR-MAC: A Depth-Based Routing Aware MAC Protocol for Data Collection in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks Wirelesss Sensor Network
40 DietCam: Multiview Food Recognition Using a Multikernel SVM Digital Image Processing
41 Unsupervised Deep Feature Extraction for Remote Sensing Image Classification Digital Image Processing
42 Robust Blur Kernel Estimation for License Plate Images From Fast Moving Vehicles Digital Image Processing
43 Lung Pattern Classification for Interstitial Lung Diseases Using a Deep ConvolutionalNeuralNetwork Digital Image Processing
44 Energy-Efficient Clustering Using Correlation and Random Update Based on Data Change ate for Wireless Sensor Networks Wirelesss Sensor Network
45 On the Energy Efficiency and Effective Throughput Tradeoff of Fading Channels Wireless Communication
46 Machine Learning Methods for Binary and Multiclass Classification of Melanoma Thickness From Dermoscopic Images Digital Image Processing
47 Optimal Distributed Generation and Reactive Power Allocation in Electrical Distribution Systems Power System
48 An Efficient Bayesian PAPR Reduction Method for OFDM-Based Massive MIMO Systems-MATLAB COMMUNICATION Wireless Communication
49 Domain Specific Learning for Newborn Face Recognition Digital Image Processing
50 Self-Deployment of Randomly Scattered Mobile Sensors to Achieve Barrier Coverage Wirelesss Sensor Network
51 Improved Tampering Localization in Digital Image Forensics Based on Maximal Entropy Random Walk Digital Image Processing
52 Improving Saliency Detection Via Multiple Kernel Boosting and Adaptive Fusion Digital Image Processing
53 An equalized global graph model-based approach for multi-camera object tracking Digital Image Processing
54 A Novel Step-up Multi-Input DC-DC Converter for Hybrid Electric Vehicles Application  Power Electronics
55 An Accurate ECG-Based Transportation Safety Drowsiness Detection Scheme Signal Processing
56 Development and Comparison of an Improved Incremental Conductance Algorithm for Tracking the MPP of a Solar PV Panel Power System
57 Secure Communication in Uplink Transmissions: User Selection and Multiuser Secrecy Gain Wireless Communication
58 A Three-Layered Graph-Based Learning Approach for Remote Sensing Image Retrieval Digital Image Processing
59 Transformer-Less Unified Power-Flow Controller Using the Cascade Multilevel Inverter Power System
60 Epileptic Seizure Prediction Based on Multivariate Statistical Process Control of Heart Signal Processing
61 Robust Point Set Matching for Partial Face Recognition Digital Image Processing
62 Multi-Directional Multi-Level Dual-Cross Patterns for Robust Face Recognition Digital Image Processing
63 Dynamic Cluster Members Scheduling for Target Tracking in Sensor Networks Wirelesss Sensor Network
64 Total Variation Regularized Tensor RPCA for Background Subtraction From Compressive Measurements Digital Image Processing
65 A Diversity-Multiplexing Tradeoff Optimal Low Complexity Zero Forcing Method Based on ZP-OFDM Wireless Communication
66 A Novel Zero-Current-Transition PWM DC-DC Converter with Coupled Inductor Power Electronics
67 Lossless Compression of JPEG Coded Photo Collections Digital Image Processing
68 Nonlinear Control of Single-Phase PWM Rectifiers With Inherent Current-Limiting Capability Power Electronics
69 Hadamard-Coded Modulation for Visible Light Communications Wireless Communication
70 Suspecting Less and Doing Better: New Insights on Palmprint Identification for Faster and More Accurate Matching Digital Image Processing
71 Personal Identification Using Minor Knuckle Patterns From Palm Dorsal Surface Digital Image Processing
72 Optimal PMU Placement for Numerical Observability Considering Fixed Channel Capacity—A Semidefinite Programming Approach Power System
73 Dynamic Spectrum Allocation for the Downlink of OFDMA-Based Hybrid-Access Cognitive Femtocell Networks Digital Image Processing
74 Median Robust Extended Local Binary Patternfor Texture Classification Digital Image Processing
75 Three-Phase LLC Series Resonant DC/DC Converter Using SiC MOSFETs to Realize High-Voltage and High-Frequency Operation Power Electronics
76 Quaternion-Michelson Descriptor for Color Image Classification Digital Image Processing
77 Event-to-Sink Spectrum-Aware Clustering in Mobile Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks Wireless Communication
78 Grid-Connected PV-Wind-Battery-Based Multi-Input Transformer-Coupled Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Household Applications Power System
79 Pilot Allocation for Distributed-Compressed-Sensing-Based Sparse Channel Estimation in MIMO-OFDM Systems Wireless Communication
80 Improved PAM-based Traffic Behavior Recognition Using Trajectory-Wise Features Digital Image Processing
81 On the Achievable Rate of OFDM With IndexModulation Wireless Communication
82 Broadband Dual-Polarization and Stable-Beamwidth SlotAntenna Fed by U-Shape Microstrip Line Wireless Communication
83 Two-Way Satellite Relaying With Estimated Channel Gains Wireless Communication
84 Query-Adaptive Small Object Search Using Object Proposals and Shape-Aware Descriptors Digital Image Processing
85 Image Enhancement by Entropy Maximization and Quantization Resolution Upconversion Digital Image Processing
86 Development of multistage algorithm for text objects recognition in images  Digital Image Processing
87 Weighted Sum-Rate Maximization for MIMO Downlink Systems Powered by Renewables Wireless Communication
88 A Highly Reliable and High Efficiency Quasi Single-Stage Buck-Boost Inverter Power Electronics
89 Bit Error Floor of MPSK in the Presence of Phase Error Wireless Communication
90 DehazeNet: An End-to-End System for Single Image Haze Removal Digital Image Processing
91 Adaptive Power Allocation Schemes for Spectrum Sharing in Interference-Alignment-Based Cognitive Radio Networks Wireless Communication
92 Image Segmentation Using Parametric Contours With Free Endpoints Digital Image Processing
93 Leakage Current Calculation for PV Inverter System Based on a Parasitic Capacitor Model Power System
94 Reduced-Reference Quality Assessment Based on the Entropy of DWT Coefficients of Locally Weighted Gradient Magnitudes Digital Image Processing
95 Energy-Efficient Clustering Using Correlation and Random Update Based on Data Change Rate for Wireless Sensor Networks Wirelesss Sensor Network
96 False Discovery Rate A pproach to Unsupervised Image Change Detection Digital Image Processing
97 Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images Based on Progressive Recovery Digital Image Processing
98 Low-Complexity Channel Estimation and Detection for MIMO-OFDM Receiver With ESPAR Antenna Wireless Communication
99 Multichannel Decoded Local Binary Patterns for Content-Based Image Retrieval Digital Image Processing
100 Joint Clustering and Routing Design for Reliable and Efficient Data Collection in Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks Wireless Communication
101 Boosting 3D LBP-Based Face Recognition byFusing Shape and Texture Descriptors on the Mesh Digital Image Processing
102 Resource Allocation for Multiple-Sources Single-Relay Cooperative Communication Wireless Communication
103 Multimodal Sensor Medical Image Fusion Based on Type-2 Fuzzy Logic in NSCT Domain Digital Image Processing
104 On Increasing the Slow -Fading Channel Diversity Using B lock-Coded MIMO-OFDM With Reconfigurable Antennas Wireless Communication
105 Layer-Based Approach for Image Pair Fusion Digital Image Processing
106 Palmprint Recognition Using Neighboring Direction Indicator Digital Image Processing
107 Low-Rank Decomposition-Based Restoration of Compressed Images via Adaptive Noise Estimation Digital Image Processing
108 A Performance Investigation of a Four-Switch Three-Phase Inverter-Fed IM Drives at Low Speeds Using Fuzzy Logic and PI Controllers Power Electronics
109 Energy Efficient Visible Light Communications Relying on Amorphous Cells Wireless Communication
110 Novel 16-QAM and 64-QAM Near-Complementary Sequences With Low PMEPR in OFDM Systems Wireless Communication
111 Mixture-Based Superpixel Segmentation and Classification of SAR Images Digital Image Processing
112 Robotic Disease Detection in Greenhouses: Combined Detection of Powdery Mildew and Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus Digital Image Processing
113 Generalized Code Index Modulation Technique for High-Data-Rate Communication Systems Wireless Communication
114 Brain Dynamics in Predicting Driving Fatigue Using a Recurrent Self-Evolving Fuzzy Neural Network Signal Processing
115 Small Signal Stability of Fractional Frequency Transmission System With Offshore Wind Farms Power System
116 Integer Forcing-and-Forward Transceiver Design for MIMO Multipair Two -Way Relaying Wireless Communication
117 Outage Probability of Energy Harvesting Relay-Aided Cooperative Networks Over Rayleigh Fading Channel Wireless Communication
118 Single-Scale Fusion: An Effective Approach to Merging Images Digital Image Processing
119 Circuit Topology and Operation of a Step-Up Multilevel Inverter With a Single DC Source Power Electronics
120 Power Quality Improvement of PMSG-Based DG Set Feeding Three-Phase Loads Power System
121 Action Recognition in Still Images With Minimum Annotation Efforts Digital Image Processing
122 New Results on Transceiver Design for Two-Hop Amplify-and-Forward MIMO Relay Systems With Direct Link Wireless Communication
123 Modeling, Modulation, and Control of the Three-Phase Four-Switch PWM Rectifier under Balanced voltage Power Electronics
124 Joint Relay/Antenna Selection and Precoding Design for Two-Way MIMO Amplify-and-Forward Relaying Systems Wireless Communication
125 A Bottom-Up Approach for Pancreas Segmentation Using Cascaded Superpixels and (Deep) Image Patch Labeling Digital Image Processing
126 Maximum-Eigenvalue-Based Sensing and Power Recognition for Multiantenna Cognitive Radio System Wireless Communication
127 Iterative Copy-Move Forgery Detection Based on a New Interest Point Detector Digital Image Processing
128 A New Multiinput Three-Level DC/DC Converter Power Electronics
129 Dual-Bridge LLC Resonant Converter With Fixed-Frequency PWM Control for Wide Input Applications Power Electronics
130 Detecting Salient Objects via Color and Texture Compactness Hypotheses  Digital Image Processing
131 Improved Energy Storage Management and PV-Active Power Control Infrastructure and Strategies for Microgrids Power System
132 Salient Region Detection via High-Dimensional Color Transform and Local Spatial Support Digital Image Processing
133 Optimal Source and Relay Design for Multiuser MIMO AF Relay Communication Systems With Direct Links and Imperfect Channel Information Wireless Communication
134 Robust Retinal Vessel Segmentation via Locally Adaptive Derivative Frames in Orientation Scores Digital Image Processing
135 The Bitonic Filter: Linear Filtering in an Edge-Preserving Morphological Framework Digital Image Processing
136 OFDM Receiver Structure for a Sub band-Selective Mitigation of Time-Variant Interference Wireless Communication
137 Secure Transmission in Cooperative Relaying Networks With Multiple Antennas Wireless Communication
138 Removal of Canvas Patterns in Digital Acquisitions of Paintings Digital Image Processing
139 Miniaturized Dual-Band and Dual-Polarized Antenna for MBAN Applications Wireless Communication
140 Object recognition using rotation invariant local binary pattern of significant bit planes Digital Image Processing
141 Dynamic Clustering and ON/ OFF Strategies for Wireless Small Cell Networks Wireless Communication
142 Improved Design of Sliding-Mode Controllers Based on the Requirements of MPPT Techniques Power System
143 Real-Time Superpixel Segmentation by DBSCAN Clustering Algorithm Digital Image Processing
144 Sketching Model and Higher Order Neighborhood Markov Random Field-Based SAR Image Segmentation Digital Image Processing
145 Improved Patch-Based Automated Liver Lesion Classification by Separate Analysis of the Interior and Boundary Regions Digital Image Processing
146 Supraventricular Tachycardia Classification in the 12-Lead ECG Using Atrial Waves Detection and a Clinically Based Tree Scheme Signal Processing
147 QoS-Oriented Mode, Spectrum, and Power Allocation for D2D Communication Underlaying LTE-A Network Wireless Communication
148 An Investigation Into Machine Learning Regression C541Techniques for the Leaf Rust Disease Detection Using Hyperspectral Measurement Digital Image Processing
149 Channel Estimation and Detection i n Satellite Communication Systems Wireless Communication
150 Single-Phase to Three-Phase Converters With Two Parallel Single-Phase Rectifiers and Reduced Switch Count Power Electronics
151 Secrecy Outage on Transmit Antenna Selection/Maximal Ratio Combining in MIMO Cognitive Radio Networks Wireless Communication
152 Space–Time Network Coding With Antenna Selection Wireless Communication
153 Power System Stability Analysis Using Feedback Control System Modeling Including HVDC Transmission Links Power System
154 Fast and Provably Accurate Bilateral Filtering Digital Image Processing
155 User-Centric Energy Efficiency Maximization for Wireless Powered Communications Wireless Communication
156 Least Power Point Tracking Method for Photovoltaic Differential Power Processing Systems Power System
157 Robust and Low-Rank Representation for Fast Face Identification with Occlusions Digital Image Processing
158 Identifying rice grains using image analysis and Sparse-representation-based classification Digital Image Processing
159 Diversity-Multiplexing Tradeoff in an Interweave Multiuser Cognitive Radio System Wireless Communication
160 An efficient and secure cipher scheme for images confidentiality preservation Digital Image Processing
161 Content Based Image Retrieval by Metric Learning from Radiology Reports: Application to Interstitial Lung Diseases Digital Image Processing
162 Automatic Brain Tumor Tissue Detection based on Hierarchical Centroid Shape Descriptor in T1-weighted MR images Digital Image Processing
163 Spectrally Precoded OFDM Without Guard Insertion Wireless Communication
164 Delay-Aware Wireless Powered Communication Networks—Energy Balancing and Optimization Wireless Communication
165 Performance Optimization and Comparative Analysis of Neural Networks for Handwritten Devanagari Character Recognition  Wireless Communication
166 Decentralized Method for Load Sharing and Power Management in a PV/Battery Hybrid Source Islanded Microgrid Power System
167 Design of a Unified Power Controller for Variable-Speed Fixed-Pitch Wind Energy Conversion System  Power System
168 Channel and Power Adaptation for Cognitive Radios in Multiuser OFDM Systems Wireless Communication
169 DWT Based Detection of Epileptic Seizure From EEG Signals Using Naive Bayes and k-NN Classifiers Digital Image Processing
170 Outage-Constrained Sensing Threshold Design for Decentralized Decision-Making in Cognitive Radio Networks Wireless Communication
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