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    All different  Matlab domain project are listed here:

    1 Lifetime and Energy Hole Evolution Analysis in Data-Gather ing Wireless Sensor Networks Wireless Communication
    2 Hybrid Modulation Scheme for a High-Frequency AC-Link Inverter Power Electronics
    3 A Capacitor Voltage-Balancing Method for Nested Neutral Point Clamped (NNPC) Inverter Power Electronics
    4 Design and Development of an Efficient Multilevel DC/AC Traction Inverter for Railway Power Electronics
    5 Modeling and Analysis of Class EF and Class E/F Inverters With Series-Tuned Resonant Networks Power Electronics
    6 Dynamic Cluster Head Selection Method for Wireless Sensor Network Wireless Communication
    7 Texture Classification Using Dense Micro-Block Difference Digital Image Processing
    8 Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Convolutional Neural Networks in MRI Images Digital Image Processing
    9 Robust Texture Image Representation by Scale Selective Local Binary Patterns Digital Image Processing
    10 Three-Level PWM Floating H-Bridge Sinewave power Inverter for High-Voltage and High-Efficiency Applications Power Electronics


    Here are some of probable Matlab Image processing project for and M.Tech Student.

    1 Adaptive Perona-Malik Model Based On Variable Exponent For Image Denoising
    2 Face Recognition System Using Multiple Face Model Of Hybrid Fourier Feature Under Uncontrolled Illumination Variation
    3 Detection Of New Vessels On The Optic Disc Using Retinal Photographs
    4 Single Image Haze Removal Using Dark Channel Prior
    5 Face Recognition By Exploring Information Jointly In Space, Scale And Orientation
    6 Optimizing A Tone Curve For Backward-Compatible High Dynamic Range Image And Video Compression
    7 Wavelet-Based Energy Features For Glaucomatous Image Classification
    8 Improved Nonlocal Means Based On Pre-Classification And Invariant Block Matching
    9 Cm-Based Blind Equalization Of Time-Varying Simo-Fir Channel With Single Pulsation Estimation
    10 Boosting Color Feature Selection For Color Face Recognition
    11 Scale And Rotation Invariant Local Binary Pattern Using Scale-Adaptive Texton And Subuniform-Based Circular Shift
    12 Multiple Exposure Fusion For High Dynamic Range Image Acquisition
    13 Tumor Cut Segmentaion Of Braintumors On Contrast Enhanced Mr Images For Radiosurgery Applications
    14 Rayleigh Mixture Model For Plque Character In Ivus
    15 Tumor Burden Analysis On Ct By Automated Liver And Tumor Segmentation
    16 Using Artificial Neural Network In A Computer Aided Diagnosis System For Macular Diseases
    17 Svm And Nn Based Diagnosis Of Diabetic Retinopathy
    18 Exudates Dynamic Detection In  Retinal Fundus Images Based On The Noise Map Distribution
    19 Reversible Data Hiding Based On Histogram Shifting Using Different Integer Wavelet Coefficients
    20 A Supervised Method For Determining Displacement Of Glcm
    21 Discriminating Ddos Attacks From Flash Crowds Using Flow Correlation Coefficient
    22 Learning The Spherical Harmonic Features For 3 D Face Recognition
    23 Iris Recognition Using Possibilistic Fuzzy Matching On Local Features
    24 A Variational Model For Histogram Transfer Of Color Images
    25 A Novel Method Of White Blood Cell Segmentation
    26 Edge Adaptive Image Stegnography Based On Lsbmr
    27 Blind Integrity Verification Of Medical Images
    28 Tumor Burden Analysis On Computed Tomography By Automated Liver And Tumor Segmentation
    29 Biased Discriminant Euclidean Embedding For Content Based Image Retrieval
    30 Color  Local Texture Feature For Face Recognition
    31 A New Supervised Method For Blood Vessel Segmentation In Retinal Images By Using Gray-Level And Moment Invariants-Based Features
    32 View-Invariant Action Recognition Based On Artificial Neural Networks
    33 Recognizing Surgically Altered Face Images Using Multi Objective Evolutionary Algorithm
    34 Outdoor Scene Image Segmentation Based On Background Recognition And Perceptual Organization
    35 Automatic Segmentation Of The Pulmonary Lobes From Chest Ct Scans Based On Fissures, Vessels, And Bronchi
    36 Segmentation Of Lung Lobes And Nodules In Ct Images
    37 Multilevel Segmentation Of Histopathological Images Using Co-Occurrence Of Tissue Objects.
    38 Face Recognition Via Graph Laplace
    39 Datahiding In Motion Vectors Based On Their Associated Prediction Error
    40 Face Recognition Via Sparse Matrix
    41 Region Based Contrast Enhancement Of Medical X-Ray Images
    42 Textureless Macula Swelling Detection With Multiple Retinal Fundus Images
    43 Motion-Based Unusual Event Detection In Human Crowds
    44 Automated Multiscale Morphometry Of Muscle Disease From Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy Using Tensor-Based Image Processing
    45 A Real-Time Vision System For Nighttime Vehicle Detection And Traffic Surveillance
    46 A Completed Modeling Of Local Binary Pattern Operator For Texture Classification
    47 Application Of Artificial Neural Network In Environmental Water Quality Assessment
    48 Tamil Character Recognition
    49 Content Based Image Retrieval For  Medical Mri Brain Images
    50 Blind Separation Of Superimposed Images With Unknown Motions
    51 Medical Ultrasound Image Compression Using Contextual Vector Quantization
    52 Automated Feature Extraction For Early Detection Of Diabetic Retinopathy In Fundus Images
    53 An Online Retinal Fundus Image Database For Glaucoma Analysis And Research
    54 Lossless Compression Of Hyperspectral Images Using Clustered Linear Prediction With Adaptive Prediction Length
    55 A Multiplicative Iterative Algorithm For Box-Constrained Penalized Likelihood Image Restoration
    56 Feature Extraction Based On Fuzzy Class Mean Embedding With Its Application To Face And Palm Biometrics
    57 A New Human Identification Method:Sclera Recognition Algorithim 3
    58 Compression Of Hyperspectral Images Using Discrete Wavelet Transform And Tucker Decomposition
    59 Classification Of  Multispectral  Images  By Fuzzy And Neural Network Approaches
    60 Urban Feature Recognition And Extraction From Very High Resolution Multispectral Satellite Images:A Micro And Macro Texture Determination And Integration Framework
    61 Detection Of Stegnography Inserted By Outguess And Steghide By Means Of Neural Networks
    62 Analysis Of Ct And Mri Image Fusion Using Wavelet Transform
    63 Brain Tumor Classification Using Wavelet And Texture Based Neural Network
    64 Binned Progressive Quantization For Compressive Sensing
    65 An Approach To Hand Biometrics In Mobile Devices
    66 Optimal Data Compression Technique For Smart Grid And Power Quality Data
    67 A Regional Image Fusion Based On Similarity Characteristics
    68 Fabric Defect Detection Using Bitplane Decomposition And Mathematical Morphology
    69 Detection Of Suspicious Lesions By Adaptive Thresholding Based On Multiresolution Analysis In Mammograms
    70 Retinal Abnormality Classification Based On Regression Classifier
    71 Dynamic Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy C-Means Based Genetic Algorithm
    72 Co-Transduction For Shape Retrieval
    73 A Computer Aided Diagnosis System For Lung Cancer Detection Using Machine Learning Technique
    74 A Secure Image Based Steganographic Model Using Rsa Algorithm And Lsb Insertion
    75 An Integrated Method For Breast Mass Segmentation In Digitized Mammograms
    76 Near Real-Time Flood Detection In Urban And Rural Areas Using High-Resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
    77 A Hybrid Approach To Detect And Localize Texts In Natural Scene Images
    78 Image Super-Resolution With Sparse Neighbor Embedding
    79 Noise Reduction And Adaptive Contrast Enhancement For Local Tone Mapping
    80 Patch-Based Near-Optimal Image Denoising
    81 Semantic Image Retrieval In Magnetic Resonance Brain Volumes
    82 Source Camera Identification Using Auto-White Balance Approximation
    83 A Universal Denoising Framework With A New Impulse Detector And Nonlocal Means
    84 A Novel Reversible Watermarking Method Based On Adaptive Thresholding And Companding Technique
    85 A New Human Identification Method: Sclera Recognition Algorithim 1
    86 Content-Based Microscopic Image Retrieval System For Multi-Image Queries
    87 Improving Web Image Search By Bag-Based Reranking
    88 Optimization Of Ecg Classification By Means Of Feature Selection
    89 Algorithms For The Digital Restoration Of Torn Films
    90 Binarization Of Low-Quality Barcode Images Captured By Mobiles Phones Using Local Window Of Adaptive Location And Size
    91 Color Constancy For Multiple Light Sources
    92 A Content-Based Scheme For Ct Lung Image Retrieval
    93 Driver Alertness Monitoring Using Fusion Of Facial Expressions
    94 Efficient Multimodal Biometric Authentication Using Fast Fingerprint Verification And Enhanced Iris Features
    95 Thyroid Segmentation And Volume Estimation In Ultrasound Images
    96 Fast And Accurate Detection And Classification Of Plant Diseases
    97 An Algorithm For License Plate Recognition Applied To Intelligent Transportation System
    98 Human Object Inpainting Using Manifold Learning-Based Posture Sequence Estimation
    99 Gabor Wavelet Based Blood Vessel Segmentaion In Retinal Images Using Kernel Classifiers
    100 Improvement For Detection Of Micro Calcifications Through Clustering Algorithms And Artificial Neural Networks
    101 A New Human Identification Method: Sclera Recognition Algorithim 2
    102 Visual Sensitivity-Based Low-Bit-Rate Image Compression Algorithm
    103 Medical Image Segmentation By Combining Graph Cuts And Oriented Active Appearance Models
    104 Robust Interactive Segmentation Using Convex Active Contours
    105 Contrast-Enhanced Fusion Of Multisensor Images Using Sub Band-Decomposed Multiscale Retinex
    106 A Novel Word Spotting Method Based On Recurrent Neural Networks
    107 Texture Analysis Of Transcranial Sonographic Images For Parkinson Disease Diagnostics
    108 Scene-Oriented Hierarchical Classification Of Blurry And Noisy Images
    109 Bayesian Texture Classification Based On Contourlet Transform And Byy Harmony Learning Of Poisson Mixtures
    110 Separable Reversible Data Hiding In Encrypted Image
    111 An Efficient Image Noise Filtering Algorithm Using Cellular Automata
    112 Design Of New Unitary Transforms For Perceptual Video Encryption
    113 Archive Film Defect Detection And Removal: An Automatic Restoration Framework
    114 Improved Image Recovery From Compressed Data Contaminated With Impulsive Noise
    115 Texture Retrieval System Using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set Theory
    116 Human Gait Recognition Using Patch Distribution Feature And Locality-Constrained Group Sparse Representation
    117 Parkinson’S Disease Tremor Classification – A Comparison Between Support Vector Machines And Neural Networks
    118 Image Contrast Enhancement And Noise Reduction Using Local Tone Mapping
    119 An Improved Method Of Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy C-Means
    120 Automatic Assessment Of Macular Edema From Color Retinal Images
    121 Fuzzy Local Gaussian Mixture Model For Brain Mr Image Segmentation
    122 Mri Brain Image Segmentation Using Modified Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm
    123 Adaptive Sequential Prediction Of Multidimensional Signals With Applications To Lossless Image Coding
    124 Local Derivative Pattern Versus Local Binary Pattern: Face Recognition With High-Order Local Pattern Descriptor
    125 Integrated Feature Extraction Using Gabor-Filter And Recursive Support Vector Machine For Fingerprint Identification And Verification 
    126 Enhancing Steganography In Digital Images
    127 Medical Image Compression Based On Region Of Interest, With Application To Colon Ct Images
    128 Privacy-Preserving Ecg Classification With Branching Programs And Neural Networks
    129 Semisupervised Biased Maximum Margin Analysis For Interactive Image Retrieval
    130 Revisiting Intensity-Based Image Registration Applied To Mammography
    131 Comparison Of Content Based Image Retrieval Systems Using Wavelet And Curvelet Transform
    132 Content-Based Medical Image Retrieval System For Ultrasound Kidney Images
    133 Extraction And Classification Of Human Gait Features
    134 Mri Brain Classification Using Support Vector Machine
    135 Design And Implementation Of Novel Spiht Algorithm For Image Compression
    136 Knee Joint Menisci Visualization And Detection Of Tears By Image Processing
    137 Fast Localization And Segmentation Of Optic Disk In Retinal Images Using Directional Matched Filtering And Level Sets
    138 Abrupt Motion Tracking Via Intensively Adaptive Markov Chain Monte Carlo Sampling
    139 Non-Local Means With Dimensionality Reduction And Sure-Based Parameter Selection
    140 Gait Recognition Using Motion Capture Data
    141 Revisiting Linear Discriminant Techniques In Gender Recognition
    142 Persistent Target Tracking Using Likelihood Fusion In Wide-Area And Full Motion Video Sequences
    143 Local Tetra Patterns: A New Feature Descriptor For Content-Based Image Retrieval
    144 Frct Based Efficient Image Compression For Texture Images
    145 Automatic Image Equalization And Contrast Enhancement Using Gaussian Mixture Modeling
    146 An Efficient Face Detection In Color Images Using Eye Mouth Triangular Approach
    147 Detecting Image Forgery Using Perspective Constraints
    148 Image Retrieval Using Color And Texture Features Of Regions Of Interest.
    149 Self-Organizing Map Based Multiscale Spectral Clustering For Image Segmentation
    150 Entropy-Functional-Based Online Adaptive Decision Fusion Framework With Application To Wildfire Detection In Video
    151 Pcnn-Based Image Segmentation With Contoured Product Mutual Information Criterion
    152 Wavelet-Based Oblivious Image Watermarking Scheme Using Genetic Algorithm
    153 Cost-Sensitive Semi-Supervised Discriminant Analysis For Face Recognition
    154 Application Of Growing Self-Organizing Map To Distinguish Between Finger Tapping And Non Tapping From Brain Images
    155 Segmentation Of Assamese Phonemes Using Som
    156 Video Analysis Tools For Cloud-Based Motion Detection
    157 Bloom Filter Optimization Using Cuckoo Search
    158 Histogram Matching Attack On Selective Perceptual Video Encryptions In H.264/Avc




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