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Embedded System Project

These projects are mainly helpful for final year engineering students. These project ideas include projects based on Embedded System.

1. A Contest oriented project for learning intelligent mobile robots (IEEE 2013)
2. A Current Consumption Measurement Approach for FPGA based embedded systems (IEEE 2013)
3. A new low cost fingerprint recognition system on FPGA (IEEE 2013)
4. A Portable Sensor With Disposable Electrodes for Water Bacterial Quality Assessment (IEEE 2013)
5. Design and simulation of Zigbee Transmitter using Verilog (IEEE 2013)
6. Design of an embedded speech centric interface for applications in handled terminals (IEEE 2013)
7. Embedded software development kit for sustainable distributed mobile Geocast (IEEE 2013)
8. Embedding Synchronized Measurement Technology for Smart Grid Development (IEEE 2013)
9. Human health monitoring mobile phone application by using the wireless nanosensor based embedded system (IEEE 2013)
10. Optimal angular movement of laser beam in SPR using an embedded controller (IEEE 2013)
11. Power Optimization in Embedded Systems via Feedback Control of Resource Allocation (IEEE 2013)
12. Secure remote updating of bit stream in partial reconfigurable embedded systems based on FPGA (IEEE 2013)
13. Security of Autonomous Systems Employing Embedded Computing and Sensors (IEEE 2013)
14. The Application of Coal Cleaning Detection System Based on Embedded Real time image processing (IEEE 2013)
15. Using Robots and Contract Learning to Teach Cyber physical systems to undergraduates (IEEE 2013)
16. Wireless Recording Systems form noninvasive EEG NIRS to Invasive EEG devices (IEEE 2013)
17. A family medical monitoring system based on embedded uC (IEEE 2012)
18. A novel algorithm for moving object detection in embedded remote video monitoring system(IEEE 2012)
19. A real time embedded novel finger vein recognition system for authenticated on teller machine (IEEE 2012)
20. A real time embedded vision system for multi touch operation(IEEE 2012)
21. A stable high level energy estimation methodology for battery powered embedded systems(IEEE 2012)
22. A virtual instrumentation based embedded system integrated with power quality and synchrophaser measurements (IEEE 2012)
23. A Wi-Fi aided reduced inertial sensors based navigation system with fast embedded implementation of particle filtering (IEEE 2012)
24. An Embedded Real Time Remote Control System for Home Network (IEEE 2012)
25. An interactive and efficient voice processing system for embedded applications (IEEE 2012)
26. Design and implementation of an embedded audio on demand system (IEEE 2012)
27. Design and implementation of an embedded intrusion detection system for wireless applications (IEEE 2012)
28. Design and implementation of an embedded server for emergency services and remote health monitoring system for transmitting human ECG and web (IEEE 2012)
29. Design and implementation of automatic embedded control hardware and software systems in an unmanned airship(IEEE 2012)
30. Design and implementation of embedded GPS system (IEEE 2012)
31. Design and Implementation of High-Performance Embedded Numerical Control System (IEEE 2012)
32. Design for Middle way of intelligent energy saving system with embedded system (IEEE 2012)
33. Design of a small footprint embedded graphics system(IEEE 2012)
34. Design of an innovative proximity detection embedded system for safety application in industrial machinery (IEEE 2012)
35. Design of embedded remote control system (IEEE 2012)
36. Designing an Adaptive Acoustic Modem for Underwater Sensor Networks (IEEE 2012)
37. Development of a patch type embedded cardiac function monitoring system using dual microprocessor for arrhythmia detection in heart disease patient (IEEE 2012)
38. Development of robotic sewerage blockage detector controlled by embedded systems (IEEE 2012)
39. Embedded electric power system with fuzzy-logic supervision for vehicular applications (IEEE 2012)
40. Embedded intelligent video surveillance and cooperative tracking system (IEEE 2012)
41. Embedded system and software application for monitoring and diagnosis of high voltage circuit breakers (IEEE 2012)
42. Embedded system applied to obstacles detection in a mobile controlled by a PC via RF (IEEE 2012)
43. Embedded system design with filter bank and fuzzy classification approach to critical cardiac abnormalities detection (IEEE 2012)
44. Embedded system for mini solar vehicle (IEEE 2012)
45. Embedded system for sensor communication and security (IEEE 2012)
46. Embedded System Integrated Into a Wireless Sensor Network for Online Dynamic Torque and Efficiency Monitoring in Induction Motors (IEEE 2012)
47. Embedded systems for emergency situations in automated manufacturing of wooden briquettes (IEEE 2012)
48. Embedded system based tailgating detection security system (IEEE 2012)
49. Embedded Teaching System Design for Multi joined robots (IEEE 2012)
50. Eye localization for embedded system (IEEE 2012)
51. Fast image moving object segmentation based on block texture for embedded system implementation (IEEE 2012)
52. GA based parameter tuning in finger-vein biometric embedded systems for information security (IEEE 2012)
53. Implementation of low cost liquid level sensor using embedded system with integrated capacitive sensing module(IEEE 2012)
54. MEMS module integration into SiGe BiCMOS technology for embedded system applications (IEEE 2012)
55. Optimized speed multi core based open loop PMDC motor controller embedded system (IEEE 2012)
56. Platform based on an embedded system to evaluate the intrusion detection system (IEEE 2012)
57. Power down protection technology in embedded system (IEEE 2012)
58. Promise of a low power mobile CPU based embedded system in artificial leg control (IEEE 2012)
59. Remote Wireless Monitoring Embedded System Design and Implementation in the Nature Reserve (IEEE 2012)
60. Research and implementation of embedded image transmission system based on GSM (IEEE 2012)
61. The ASR Approach Based on Embedded System for Meal Service Robot (IEEE2012)
62. The simple embedded system for three phase solar motor pump (IEEE 2012)
63. A car like mobile robot design and implementation (IEEE 2012)
64. A design of fuzzy PID controller based on ARM7TDMI for coupled tanks process (IEEE 2012)
65. A Reconfigurable Multi core computing platform for robotics and e health applications (IEEE 2012)
66. A System on chip development of a neuro fuzzy embedded agent for ambient intelligence environment (IEEE 2012)
67. A hardware based Braille note taker
68. A smart controller for e-bike application using BLDC or DC motor
69. Adaptive density based traffic signaling system with traffic priority for ambulance
70. Adaptive electrical billing system
71. Adaptive zone prediction system using embedded system
72. Advance alert road corners for vehicles using embedded system
73. Advance alert speed breakers for vehicles using embedded system
74. Air pollution & noise monitor
75. Artificial intelligent based automatic maximum power point tracking system
76. Audible digital thermometer
77. Auto dim dip control with indicator dip control
78. Auto side stand indicator
79. Automated irrigation system using embedded system
80. Automatic accident and suicide prevention and level crossing control using embedded system
81. Automatic battery bank testing and replacing of weak battery using microcontroller
82. Automatic brake controller for opposite vehicles
83. Automatic brake failure indicator
84. Automatic climate controller fan with auto light control
85. Automatic college bell controller with bell
86. Automatic contact pressure analyzer in relays
87. Automatic energy reader for industries and home
88. Automatic light dimmer with mileage projector and fuel indicator
89. Automatic load sharing 
90. Automatic magnetic accident prevention system for trains
91. Automation of tollgate using embedded system with weight sensing
92. Biomedical report smart card using embedded system
93. Black box for four-wheeler
94. Blind guiding system using GPS with audio interface and obstacle detection
95. Bus information system bus stop
96. Cell phone jammer using embedded system
97. Cell phone operated motor speed controller for stepper motor
98. Centralized voting system using finger print
99. Change maker
100. Coal management system in a conveyor used in thermal power plant using embedded system.
101. Code lock for vehicles
102. Coin operated mobile phone charger using embedded system
103. Computerized car controlling system
104. Control of hybrid electric vehicle using embedded system
105. Interactive audio meter using embedded system and LABVIEW
106. Crack detector in railway track
107. Crack detector in railways using wireless technology
108. Crack detector in railways using wireless ZIGBEE technology
109. Cell phone charger and street light controller using solar energy
110. Data logger system for EB
111. Density controlled traffic signal with ambulance priority
112. Depth of anesthesia controller with embedded system
113. Design of resonant inverters for optimal efficiency of lamp, fan life in electronic ballast with phase control
114. Diagnostics of transformer condition by polarization current and conductivity measurements
115. Digital answering machine for home visitor using embedded system
116. Digital code lock for vehicles
117. Digital IC tester
118. Digital mileage projector
119. Digital mileage projector and fuel indicator
120. Digital password code locking system for automobile
121. Distance calculator for vehicle cum mileage projector
122. Driver alertness detection system using embedded system
123. Driver drowsiness controller
124. Drunk and drive prevention with helmet sensing for ignition control system
125. Drunk and drive prevention with ignition control system
126. Drunk and drive prevention, auto headlight control and digital mileage projector for vehicle
127. Ear inflammation detecting system
128. Earthquake alertness system with wireless broadcast
129. ECG monitoring and analyzing using embedded system
130. Economic three-phase transmission system by a single phase system using embedded system
131. E-encapsulation for dump people
132. Electrical appliances control through pc based on mc
133. Electricity billing through RF modem with display
134. Electricity billing using smart sim card technology with wireless recharging
135. Electricity theft identifier
136. Electronic train accident prevention system
137. Electronic transformer testing and monitoring using embedded system
138. Embedded based automatic disc parking system
139. Embedded based DC motor speed control and monitoring system
140. Embedded based efficiency improvement system at low load
141. Embedded based electrical appliances controlling system using cell phone
142. Embedded based electronic circuit breaker
143. Embedded based hardware lock for software with pc interface
144. Embedded based intelligent braking system
145. Embedded based inverter system for power saving
146. Embedded based material tracking information system
147. Embedded based maximum demand controller for industries
148. Embedded based monitoring and control system of agriculture motor with protection system
149. Embedded based parking radar
150. Embedded based pollution controller for industries
151. Embedded based sensor operated automatic track guided vehicle
152. Embedded based sky car parking system
153. Embedded based soft starter for induction motor
154. Embedded based student identification system
155. Embedded based student tracking
156. Embedded based voice assisted telephone system with edit and speed dial facility
157. Embedded based voice translator
158. Embedded control coach counting and automated signaling system in railways using RFID
159. Embedded system based accident identification system
160. Emergency braking system
161. Emergency power shutdown management system
162. Energy conservation system using PWM technology
163. Energy efficient speed control of 3 phase induction motor using DSP
164. Energy harvesting using piezo electric crystal fully integrated on foot wear
165. Energy saver for street lights with dimmer using embedded system
166. Energy saver with in/out counter
167. Enhanced spatial resolution of person detection in a PIR based surveillance network.
168. E-number plate and vehicle theft and misuse identification system
169. Eye blink sensor for accident avoiding system
170. Eye movement sensed communicating media for paralyzed person using embedded system
171. Eye movement sensed media player using embedded system
172. Eyeball operated patient helping system
173. Eyeball operated wheel chair using embedded system
174. Eyeball operated wheel chair with ZIGBEE patient monitoring using embedded system
175. Eye blink identification and driver drowsiness detection with accident avoiding and braking system
176. Fault identification and protection of induction motor using lab view
177. Fault identification in power transmission line using embedded system
178. Finger print based security system
179. Finger print based vehicle ignition system
180. Fingerprint voting machine using embedded system
181. Fire alarm with auto dialer
182. Fire alert system through mobile
183. Fire fighting robot using embedded system with power cutoff
184. Fixed fire fighting robot
185. Flying model robot
186. Gas leakage detection and indication system in automobiles
187. Gas leakage detector with auto dialing using embedded system
188. Geo fencing system using embedded system
189. Geo fencing system using embedded system with voice announcement
190. Glucose flow rate controller
191. Goods transfer system for conveyors 
192. GPS based bus tracking system
193. GPS based high-tech vehicle
194. GPS based multipurpose agri robot
195. GSM based accident location identification
196. GSM based automated gas booking
197. GSM based automatic line failure reporting system
198. GSM based speed control of single phase induction motor
199. GSM based weather station with information center
200. Heart beat monitor using OFC
201. Heart beat recorder
202. High current DC motor controller using embedded system
203. High tech home security system
204. Home appliances control through the blue tooth
205. Home automation system using ZIGBEE
206. Home automation using microcontroller
207. Home automation using mobile phone
208. Home power line fault indicate to EB office
209. Hospital management system using GSM and micro controller
210. Hybrid technology in two wheeler
211. Hybrid vehicle
212. Hydel power generator with storage system and automated lighting
213. Hydro booster
214. Hydro booster for single phase pump
215. Implementation of intelligent fault analysis for industries
216. Implementation of demand management in power system
217. Implementation of dual mode optical communication
218. Implementation of LABVIEW based wireless generator automation system
219. Implementation of LIN protocol for microcontroller communication
220. Implementation of wireless attendance recorder security system
221. Implementation of wireless SCADA for industrial automation using LABVIEW
222. Implementation of engine analyzer wireless aircraft monitoring SCADA system using LABVIEW and ZIGBEE
223. Improved dynamic voltage and frequency scaling for performance and availability of biomedical embedded system
224. Improvement of the accuracy and speed range in sensor less control of switched reluctance motors
225. Improvement of speed and accuracy in switched reluctance motor using embedded system
226. Improving the signal data acquisition in condition monitoring of electrical machines using LABVIEW
227. Industrial automation CAN changer for textile
228. Industrial monitoring and control system using embedded system
229. Industrial multichannel control through fiber optic cable
230. Intelligent electronics lock with door control
231. Intelligent traffic control system
232. Intelligent assistant for blind people
233. Intelligent bank security system using embedded system
234. Intelligent bus ticketing system using smart cards
235. Intelligent centralized embedded based wireless voting machine
236. Intelligent cloth quality checking system using embedded system
237. Intelligent color picker
238. Intelligent color sensing robot
239. Intelligent load maintaining system using LABVIEW
240. Intelligent medicine rack using embedded system
241. Intelligent power saver for street light
242. Intelligent shopping cart
243. Intelligent vehicle management system using GSM
244. Intelligent vehicle management system using GSM with accident identification systm
245. Interactive audio meter using embedded system and LABVIEW
246. Interactive care system for blind using GPS and RF system
247. Interactive electricity billing through wireless technology using embedded system
248. Interactive electricity billing through wireless technology using embedded system with load cutoff
249. Interactive wireless helpline system for transport system
250. Intrusion detection in line of sight LASER communication system
251. Inverter using MOSFET IGBT
252. Invisible fencing
253. LABVIEW based automatic maximum solar power point tracking system
254. LABVIEW based automation through ZIGBEE
255. LABVIEW based boiler monitoring system using embedded system
256. LABVIEW based data acquisition and control system for machines in industries
257. LABVIEW based fire fighting robot using embedded system with power cutoff
258. LABVIEW based instrumentation system for solar hybrid station
259. LABVIEW based instrumentation system for solar wind hybrid station 
260. LABVIEW based multi measuring device
261. LABVIEW based power saving inverter with single phase to three phase converter using SVM
262. LABVIEW based quality transformer marinating system
263. LABVIEW based toll collection using RFID
264. Windmill control system using embedded system
265. Wireless aircraft monitoring SCADA system using LABVIEW
266. Wireless aircraft monitoring SCADA system using LABVIEW and ZIGBEE
267. Wireless based baby crying indicator using sensor
268. Wireless camera position system
269. Wireless control of traffic violated vehicle using embedded system
270. Wireless controlled motor plugging, forwarding and jogging
271. Wireless data transmission between two computers
272. Wireless device control using embedded system
273. Wireless device control using fm and pc
274. Wireless device locator using RFID
275. Wireless distribution transformer fault identification and monitoring system with load control
276. Wireless DVD player interface for TV
277. Wireless electronic code locking system for industrial application
278. Wireless energy transfer system
279. Wireless heart beat monitoring system
280. Wireless heartbeat monitoring system using embedded system and LABVIEW
281. Wireless home security system
282. Wireless induction motor fault identification and protection using LABVIEW
283. Wireless intelligent assistant for blind people
284. Wireless lighting monitoring system in subway system using embedded system
285. Wireless medical record maintenance system using embedded system
286. Wireless power failure indicator for EB
287. Wireless printer interface using embedded system
288. Wireless railway bridge damage identify and informer
289. Wireless railway track and bridge damage identifier and informer
290. Wireless SCADA implementation for industrial monitoring and control using embedded system
291. Wireless SCADA-DCS implementation for industrial automation using LABVIEW through ZIGBEE
292. Wireless SCADA-DCS implementation for sugar industries using LABVIEW
293. Wireless single phase preventer cum power failure indicator
294. Wireless stepper motor action control
295. Wireless temperature data logger
296. Wireless theft detection system for tankers
297. Wireless thermal printer interface using embedded system
298. Wireless traffic violation monitoring system
299. Wireless transformer fault indication system
300. Wireless transformer fault indication system using embedded system
301. Wireless virtual instruments for ARM control using ZIGBEE
302. Wireless wearable sensor system using ZIGBEE
303. Xylophone using embedded system
304. ZIGBEE based monitoring and control system using embedded system
305. ZIGBEE based power saver, monitor and controller for buildings
306. ZIGBEE based weather station
307. ZIGBEE interactive wireless help line system
308. ZIGBEE remainder system for mobile data transfer in airports
309. Zone protection and control of automotive vehicles using RF and embedded system
310. Wearable bio sensor system using ZIGBEE
311. Wearable sensor system
312. Wearable sensor system using ZIGBEE with fall detector
313. LABVIEW based virtual instrument for on line induction motor parameters identification
314. LABVIEW based wireless learning robot using microcontroller
315. LABVIEW navigated industrial robot using ZIGBEE
316. LABVIEW SCADA for power nuclear plant
317. LASER based audio communication system
318. Line following robot
319. Load control through PLCC using embedded system
320. Load management system for transport vehicle with wireless monitoring
321. Load management system for transport vehicle with wireless monitoring using LABVIEW
322. Maximum power point tracking system of solar panel using embedded system for solar operated vehicle using pc interfacing
323. Mechanized physiotherapy
324. Micro hydro turbine
325. Microcontroller based accident announcement system with mapping
326. Microcontroller based continuous wavelet for fault reorganization system in power transmission system
327. Microcontroller based human tracking system
328. Microcontroller based pause and play in audio and video player
329. Microcontroller based protection system for machines using LABVIEW
330. Microcontroller based railway automation with wireless remote indication
331. Microcontroller based wireless voting machine
332. Mobile theft identifier using embedded system
333. Multi channel temperature monitoring system
334. Multi devices control using frequency modulation
335. Multi level security system
336. Multi network recharging system using embedded and GSM
337. Multi zone temperature monitoring and control system using embedded system
338. Multiplicity robot using ZIGBEE
339. Multiplicity sensor robot using ZIGBEE
340. Multispy robot
341. Multispy robot using ZIGBEE
342. Multispy robot with ARM
343. Networking based tollgate collection using RF
344. Online distribution feeder fault identification and isolation system using LABVIEW
345. Online human tracking system using GPS with mapping
346. Online temperature monitoring of power distribution equipment
347. Online transformer monitoring and fault identification system 
348. Online transformer monitoring and fault identification system using LABVIEW
349. Online vehicle tracking system using GPS for unmanned automobile
350. Paperless wireless notice board and circular board using embedded system
351. Patient monitoring system
352. Pc based automatic poor quality rejecter
353. Pc based automatic poor quality rejecter using LABVIEW
354. Pc based coil winding machine
355. Pc based industry monitor and control
356. Pc based power theft identifier using embedded system and wireless technology
357. Pc based soft starter
358. Pc to pc wireless data transfer system
359. Person roaming detector
360. Photonics based intelligent airport surveillance tracking system
361. PLCC based motor speed controller using microcontroller
362. Pollution control system using electrostatic precipitation
363. Portable electroencephalogram biofeedback device
364. Portable lumen meter
365. Portable multi measuring equipment for doctors
366. Portable stroboscope with data logger using embedded system
367. Power factor improvement system
368. Power factor meter using embedded system
369. Power line data communication system
370. Power line voice communication
371. Power optimization in power system through wireless smart meter
372. Power resume with electrical code lock
373. Power saving system for street lights
374. Power theft identifier using embedded system
375. Prepaid card for bus and bus stop announcement system in voice using embedded system
376. Prepaid electricity bill
377. Prepaid energy meter using smart card technology with wireless recharging
378. Prevention of software piracy using hardware lock
379. Remote distribution transformer fault identification and monitoring system with load control using LABVIEW
380. Remote motor star delta starter with dry run and single phase protection
381. Renewable energy applications for uninterruptible power supply based on compressed air energy storage
382. RF based authentication system with automation using embedded system
383. RF based automatic speed limiter for vehicles
384. RF based home automation and authentication system
385. RFID based ATM machine power saving system and mobile recharging
386. RFID based class room identification system for visually impaired
387. RFID based library management system
388. RFID based library management system with auto book vender
389. RFID based mobile detector using embedded system
390. RFID RW based score card for industries
391. RFID vehicle information reorganization system
392. Robotic platform for monitoring underground cable systems using LABVIEW
393. RTC based street light and water management
394. SCADA for DC motor protection, monitoring and control system
395. SCADA for industrial monitoring and control
396. SCADA for power plant
397. SCADA instrumentation for power plant
398. SCADA system for substation automation using LABVIEW
399. SCADA system in wastewater treatment using LABVIEW
400. School and college bus automation system
401. Sensor operated paper counting machine
402. Sensor less monitoring and protection of single phase induction motor using LABVIEW
403. Service robot for inspecting exterior gas pipes of high rise buildings
404. Servo motor speed control using remote
405. Sign language voice chat
406. Sign language voice chat for def and dump
407. Single phase AC motor control using embedded system
408. Single phase preventer cum power failure indicator
409. Single phase to single phase cycloconverter
410. Single-phase inverter using DSP controller for ups application
411. Sleeper missing and crack detector in railways using wireless technology
412. Smart EB meter for automatic bill payment
413. Sleeper missing and crack detector in railways using wireless technology
414. Smart EB meter for automatic bill payment
415. Smart e-charging system for mobiles
416. Smart e-passport using RFID and microcontroller
417. Smart intruder detector in protected areas
418. Smart sensor system
419. Smart wireless vehicle control using embedded system
420. SMS based electricity bill pay system with breaker
421. Solar based cell phone controlled rover
422. Solar operated energy efficient hybrid car
423. Solar pumping system
424. Solar street light using proximity sensor
425. Speed control of PMDC motor by using fuzzy logic
426. Speed control of universal motor using Bluetooth
427. Spy eye vision using microcontroller
428. Spy probe using embedded system
429. Stress meter using embedded system
430. Student monitor using embedded system
431. Surgical instrument tracking system using RFID
432. Surgical instrument tracking system using RFID with mapping
433. SVM based controlling of three phase induction motor through single phase power supply using embedded system
434. Synchronous closing capacitor or ZVS (zero voltage switching) with thyristor switch for power factor improvement
435. Synchronous closing capacitor with thyristor switch for power factor improvement
436. Telecom device power monitoring system through GSM
437. Telecom device power monitoring system through RF
438. Testing of horn using LABVIEW
439. Theft detection system for tankers
440. Three phase motor control and phase converter
441. Three phase motor control ,phase converter and changeover
442. Torque control of BLDC motor
443. Traffic priority for ambulance and emergency vehicles using embedded system
444. Traffic violation ,theft detection and misuse of vehicle prevention system using RFID through networks
445. Traffic violation detection and alerting through GSM with density based traffic signaling system and traffic priority for ambulance and emergency vehicles
446. Train derailing and power generation using microcontroller
447. Transformer and power line fault scrutinisation from remote area
448. Transformer protection system with auto power resume
449. Transmission line multiple faults detection and indication to electricity board
450. Triac and DIAC based dimmer
451. Tsunami alertness system with wireless broadcast
452. Two wheeler key immobilizer
453. Ultrasonic parking guidance system
454. Vehicle parking system
455. Vehicle rash driving monitoring system
456. Vehicle theft preventer with mobile interface
457. Vehicle tracking system using RFID
458. Unbalanced agriculture load monitoring and control though ZIGBEE
459. United smart card using microcontroller and pc
460. Variable speed drive of single phase induction motor control using frequency control method
461. VFD for single phase industrial induction motor control
462. VFD for single phase industrial induction motor control for steel rolling mills
463. VFD for single phase industrial induction motor control with pc
464. Vibration sensor
465. Virtual fencing and security system using embedded system
466. Virtual instrumentation based wireless load monitoring system
467. Virtual instrumentation based wireless load monitoring system with GPS
468. Virtual instrumentation for diagonisation of abdominal disorders through egg
469. Visualization of blind people
470. Voice controlled operation theater
471. Voice controller multipurpose robotic wheel chair
472. Voice controller multipurpose robotic wheel chair with home automation
473. Voice sensor for exam hall
474. Voltage and current monitoring and controlling system
475. GPS-GSM integration for enhancing public transportation management services (IEEE 2010)
476. A remote home security system based on wireless sensor network and GSM technology (IEEE 2010)
477. Bidimensional control system through successive monitoring for obstacles identification (IEEE 2010)
478. Wireless measurement and control system for environmental parameters in greenhouse (IEEE 2010)
479. The electrical ethernet monitoring system based on embedded web server (IEEE 2010)
480. Engineering location based path finding on Indian road networks over low end mobile phones (IEEE 2010)
481. A robot motion authoring using finger –robot interaction (IEEE 2010)
482. Design of intelligent tire safety pre-alarm system based on arm7 (IEEE 2010)
483. Design of intelligent mobile vehicle checking system based on arm7 (IEEE 2010)
484. Development of a system to detect surgical material retained in the patients during operation (IEEE 2010)
485. Fingerprint based identity authentication for online examination system (IEEE 2010)
486. Applications of wireless sensor networks in the oil, gas and resources industries (IEEE 2010)
487. An empirical study of RF link for wireless automotive active/passive entry system (IEEE 2010)
488. An embedded system and RFID solution for transport related issues (IEEE 2010)
489. A real-time wireless brain–computer interface system for drowsiness detection (IEEE 2010)
490. ZIGBEE-wireless mesh networks for building automation and control (IEEE 2010)
491. ZIGBEE sensor network for advanced metering infrastructure (IEEE 2010)
492. A wireless quiz system using low power microcontrollers (IEEE 2010)
493. Design and application of an automatic packaging machine controller based on at mega 128/at89s51(IEEE 2010)
494. Design and implementation of nodes based on cc2430 for the agricultural information wireless monitoring ( IEEE 2010)
495. A mobile GPRS-sensors array for air pollution monitoring(IEEE 2010)
496. A low cost microcontroller implementation of neural network based hurdle avoidance controller for a car-like robot (IEEE 2010)
497. Improvement of energy consumption for “over-the-air” reprogramming in wireless sensor networks (IEEE 2010)
498. Design and application of mobile embedded systems for home care applications (IEEE 2010)
499. Design of ARM-based embedded Ethernet interface (IEEE 2010)
500. A project-based laboratory for learning embedded system design with industry support (IEEE 2010)
501. A novel vehicle safety model: vehicle speed controller under driver fatigue (IEEE 2009)
502. A portable wireless eye movement-controlled human-computer interface for the disabled (IEEE 2009)
503. A low-cost solution for an integrated multi sensor lane departure warning system (IEEE 2009)
504. A robust eye gaze tracking method based on a virtual eyeball model (IEEE 2009)
505. Bus detection device for the blind using passive RFID application (IEEE 2009)
506. Car park system: a review of smart parking system and its technology (IEEE 2009)
507. Research of traffic signal light intelligent control system based on microcontroller (IEEE 2009)
508. The role of ZIGBEE technology in future data communication system (IEEE 2009)
509. Boarding school students monitoring systems (e-id) using radio frequency identification (IEEE 2009)
510. A unified framework of data exchange mechanism in an intelligent transportation system (IEEE 2009)
511. Providing group tour guide by RFIDs and wireless sensor networks (IEEE 2009)
512. Multi sensor strategies to assist blind people: a clear-path indicator (IEEE 2009)
513. Real-time pedestrian detection and tracking at nighttime for driver-assistance systems (IEEE 2009)
514. A single-camera feature-based vision system for helicopter autonomous landing (IEEE 2009)
515. A smart car control model for brake comfort based on car following (IEEE 2009)
516. A single-chip CMOS smoke and temperature sensor for an intelligent fire detector (IEEE 2009)
517. A web service-based alarm solution in a tele care system (IEEE 2009)
518. Design & development of a GSM based vehicle theft control system (IEEE 2009)
519. Design and assessment of an online passenger information system for integrated multimodal trip planning (IEEE 2009)
520. Design and implementation of real time vehicle tracking system (IEEE 2009)
521. A wireless data acquisition and transmission system design (IEEE 2009)
522. A ZIGBEE and ZIGBEE-to-ir device control scheme for single media multi devices (IEEE 2009)
523. Application of ZIGBEE for pollution monitoring caused by automobile exhaust gases (IEEE 2009)
524. A remote compact sensor for the real-time monitoring of human heartbeat and respiration rate (IEEE 2009)
525. A path following control of an unmanned autonomous forklift (IEEE 2009)
526. A modular cost-effective mobile robot navigation system using RFID technology (IEEE 2009)
527. A multi-robot coordination system based on RFID technology (IEEE 2009)
528. A fast onboard relative positioning module for multi robot systems (IEEE 2009)
529. A low-cost wireless sensor system and its application in dental retainers (IEEE 2009)
530. A new telemedicine system for the home monitoring of lung function in patients with obstructive respiratory diseases (IEEE 2009)
531. A novel discrete dimming ballast for linear fluorescent lamps (IEEE 2009)
532. An internet-based interactive embedded data-acquisition system for real-time applications (IEEE 2009)
533. Assessment of changes in upper airway obstruction by automatic identification of inspiratory flow limitation during sleep (IEEE 2009)
534. Body temperature and electrocardiogram monitoring using an SMS-based telemedicine system (IEEE 2009)
535. Bluetooth data acquisition system based on ARM (IEEE 2009)
536. Cost effective GPS-GPRS based object tracking system (IEEE 2009)
537. Design and development of ARM processor based web server (IEEE 2009)
538. Design and realization of wireless sensor network gateway based on ZIGBEE and GPRS (IEEE 2009)
539. Design of software services for computer-based infection control and antibiotic management in the intensive care unit (IEEE 2009)
540. Development of ZIGBEE mobile router for supporting network mobility in healthcare system (IEEE 2009)
541. Distributed sensor for steering wheel grip force measurement in driver fatigue detection (IEEE 2009)
542. Web-based caregiver monitoring system for assisting visually impaired people (IEEE 2009)
543. Wireless medical interface using ZIGBEE and Bluetooth technology (IEEE 2009)
544. Wireless communications in networked robotics (IEEE 2009)
545. The mobile ECG telemonitoring system based on GPRS and GPS (IEEE 2009)
546. Travel time prediction under heterogeneous traffic conditions using global positioning system data from buses (IEEE 2009)
547. The tire as an intelligent sensor (IEEE 2009)
548. The integrated unit for MEMS based pressure measurement (IEEE 2009)
549. Electronic nose network system for online monitoring of livestock farm odors (IEEE 2009)
550. Environmental identification based on changes in sensory information (IEEE 2009)
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